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If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to here, please contact us directly.


  • Q. I have read the Quick Start Guide, but I need further support – Can I contact Profiles4Care directly?

    A. Yes, Profiles4Care provides online and telephone support. Go to the Profiles4Care/Contact Us page.
  • Q. Can I find out more about the psychology behind the personality profile?

    A. Yes, please go to the page on Profiles4Care profiling under 'About Us'.
  • Q. At what stage in the recruitment process should I ask Candidates to complete the Assessment?

    A. Profiles4Care recommends that to achieve the best results you ask Candidates to complete the Assessment as part of their initial application process. This will enable Candidates without any prior experience or qualifications to demonstrate their natural qualities and values for the job.
  • Q. Can I print out a Candidate’s report?

    A. Yes. When you click on the Candidates Name in your control room and allocate the required report to that Candidate, once the report opens you have the ability to ‘print and pdf’, which is located on the right hand side of the screen. This will then open in a new window as a PDF document. From here you can print the report.
  • Q. How can we set an organisational benchmark for recruitment?

    There is no hard and fast industry 'benchmark' in terms of attitudes and values for health and social care frontline workers. Every job in the sector is different in some way, so the individual employer must identify what they need for themselves. This is best achieved by benchmarking existing employees. The Profiles4Care 'Region Indicator' helps to identify which personality types are more likely to work out best in the long run for any specific role. Selection of the existing staff to participate in the benchmarking exercise is crucial, we recommend at least five.
  • Q. How can profiling be used for development purposes?

    Values based profiling can be used as a tool to support appraisal and staff development. The reports are designed to help individuals understand their natural preference areas and to reflect on how they work with colleagues and clients. Each section of the report ends with a series of personalised probing questions which can be used to facilitate discussion with a line manager and a suggestion of areas for further development.
  • Q. What is the difference between the three reports on the dashboard?

    Candidate reports can be run at the Frontline Worker, Frontline Leader or Operational Leader level. Each of these reports are available either with or without interview questions and without or without graphic summaries.
  • Q. How can the profiling tool be tailored to our organisation?

    The profiling platform offers a wealth of opportunities to tailor the candidate experience to your organisation. The questionnaire page will feature your company logo as a baseline, however text and reports can be tweaked to reflect organisational branding and values as required. The Profiles4Care team is able to advise on the options available.
  • Q. Why do the suggested interview questions vary in each of the candidate reports?

    One of the key elements of the new profiling reports is a range of personalised interview questions for each leadership context. This is followed by guidance for interpretation by the interviewer. Questions are individualised to strengths and weaknesses within the specific personality profile, leadership behaviours and role so will vary by report. The aim is to confirm validity of the report and to enable interviewers to further probe within the candidate's natural preference areas. These questions have also been used effectively within appraisal to facilitate internal discussions around development.
  • Q. Do we have to bring candidates in to complete the questionnaire?

    The landing page and questionnaires are fully responsive so they can be used comfortably on a desktop PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone. Simply email candidates the questionnaire page web address and they can complete the questionnaire from anywhere, without having to visit a specific location.