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Quick Start User GuideUserGuide

Please read the Quick Start User Guide below or click on the image to download it:

This guide has been prepared specifically for you, to provide additional support when utilising the Profiles4Care values-based recruitment solution. In addition to this guide, there will be a short video(s) available in your control room to aid your use of this solution.

In the event of having a query that is not covered in this Welcome Pack, or via the online videos available to you, you can contact a member of the Profiles4Care team on 0330 363 9996 or

Step 1. Logging into your account

Go to URL – and click on ‘log in’ and enter your user name and password, which was sent to you by email from Profiles4Care.

(Please keep these details in a safe place as they are encrypted and will be reset if lost.)

If you did not receive your username and password, please check your junk email folder or let one of the Profiles4Care team know.

Step 2. Your control room








Step 3. The navigation bar

In your control room you will see the following navigation:










Step 4. Your unique questionnaire page

Your unique questionnaire page is located on the front page of your dashboard or by clicking here:

Manage Questionnaires/Profiles4Care Client Questionnaire/Landing Page

Which will look something like this:

Provide this link to all candidates who you wish to complete the questionnaire.

Once a candidate has completed the questionnaire and registration form you will receive an email notification and can go into your control room to view their report immediately.

Step 5. Viewing your candidates’ reports

To view your candidate reports select ‘View Candidates’ from the navigation bar. You will see a list of all candidates that have completed a questionnaire and registration form. Click on the name you wish to view.

Beside their name you will see their email address, psychological quadrant indicator (for benchmarking) and the star rating on how accurate they felt the summary report they have already received was.

Full reports that are available to you to view are detailed below, you can choose which report you wish to allocate to the particular candidate. You may allocate more than one. In line with the Leadership Quality Framework (LQF) below are 2 categories of work with example job roles from which you can allocate a Candidate(s) report.

  1. Frontline Worker Domiciliary/Residential Care – e.g. Care Workers, Care Assistants, Ancillary Workers, Students, Trainees, Volunteers
  2. Frontline Leadership Domiciliary/Residential Care – e.g. Supervisors, Team Leaders, Senior Care/Support Workers
  3. Operational Leadership Domiciliary/Residential Care – e.g. Registered Managers, Service Managers, Unit Managers
  • Self-Directed Support – e.g. Care/ support workers or personal assistants.

Click on the report you wish to view (either with or without the interview questions section) and it will be downloaded to your computer in pdf format. You can also forward a pdf version of the candidate’s report by email using the ‘Send to’ button next to the report.

You can download the full list of candidates’ details in csv format using ‘Export Candidates’ above the list of registered candidates. This does not export their reports, only their details.

If you have any queries, please contact a member of the Profiles4Care team.