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To trial the values based recruitment profiler, please complete the personality questionnaire. We will forward to you your personality report, so that you may judge for yourself just how accurate it is.

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Please read this information before you complete your online personality questionnaire:

A candidate’s experience:

Profiles4Care is pleased to give you an opportunity to trial our online values based recruitment solution. The trial provides the same experience that a candidate would have and the full report provided will be about you assessed as a “frontline care worker”. You should receive the full report back into your email inbox within 3 working days.

About this Assessment:

This Assessment is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. For the best results, be spontaneous. Don’t think about it. Be you. The Trial Assessment should take you less than 8 minutes to complete. Read the options and click on the option of your choice – this will move you on to the next set of options.

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On completion of your Assessment you will receive a summary of your personality profile.

What is the purpose of the Clock?

The Clock shows you how much time you are taking and not how much time you have left to complete the Assessment. The Clock will not time you out.

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