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These are the Ethics Guidelines of Lewis Cadman Consulting Pty Ltd (“LCC”) for the ethical use of ebilities. Definitions used within these Guidelines are as defined within our Terms of Business; such definitions are capitalized within these Guidelines.

Customers, including Users, of ebilities are expected to achieve high standards in administering and interpreting the Assessments, and in protecting the relevant copyright and trademarks. Customers who can be shown to have contravened the guidelines set out below may be refused access to ebilities, the Service and any further Materials, and they may be asked to return any Materials in their possession. We respectfully remind Customers and Users of obligations that form part of the use of ebilities.

These are:

  • To tell Test Takers how long Data will be kept on file, and indicate under what circumstances Data will or will not be released;
  • To take reasonable steps to keep Data confidential, only divulging Data to someone other than the Test Taker and those Users or other personnel of Customer who are involved in the selection process when there is legitimate cause and with the Test Taker’s full knowledge;
  • To observe all applicable laws on the protection of Personal Data;
  • When communicating results within an ebilities Report, to ensure that their implications are clear to the Customer or Test Taker, as applicable;
  • To use their best efforts to see that the Test Taker receives appropriate feedback on his/her results;
  • Never to contravene copyright law by copying, computerizing or adapting any part of ebilities or the Service or the Assessments;
  • To take corrective action where bad practice or breach of copyright or infringement of trademark is evident in their organisation; and
  • To review results within ebilities Reports regularly, including the outcome of decisions taken on the basis of such results, and to pay attention to differences between groups, in particular those of a different race, gender, ethnic background or those who are disabled.

All Customers shall be required, in using Materials, to verify any local requirements and/or restrictions on using psychometric tests in general and the Materials in particular, in that jurisdiction, whether imposed by law, regulation or by a local regulatory or governmental body. Where any local requirements and/or restrictions exist that alter the criteria for, or prevent, use of Materials within a particular jurisdiction, it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that it fully complies with any and all such local requirements and/or restrictions.

Where any individual or entity uses Materials in a particular jurisdiction in contravention of any local requirements and/or restrictions, whether knowingly or inadvertently, such individual or entity shall be solely responsible and liable for such use and shall hold harmless and indemnify LCC in respect of any loss or claim by a third party against LCC arising from such.

Further, in the event that a Customer has failed to ensure that any Materials may be legitimately used within a particular jurisdiction and subsequently purchases Materials or Credits for use in that jurisdiction, such Customer shall be liable for the costs thereof and LCC shall bear no responsibility or liability for the reimbursement of any associated costs.

If you have any questions about these Ethics Guidelines, please contact