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About ebilities tests

In order to future proof your workforce, you must hire agile all-rounders. By that we mean versatile people who are agile learners, are highly numerate, and who have a good grasp of English. Why English? Because English is the international language of business, and those people with good English knowledge have the advantage in our connected world. ebilities MAS Business Fundamentals assessments can help you identify people who have the highly valuable combination of learning agility plus the ability to deal quickly and effectively with both numerical and English language-based tasks.

Focus on Learning Agility

What’s most important when it comes to overall learning and problem solving potential, is the ability to hold information in mind, think about it, work on it, and relate it to relevant existing knowledge. This type of mental agility requires the ‘raw power’ of working memory, and ebilities MAS Business Fundamentals features a renowned test of working memory power which includes 12 culturally-neutral items.

Focus on Numerical Agility

Numeracy is a vital part of the functioning of all organisations and is critically important to job performance in many disciplines. People who 'stand out' from the crowd in terms of numerical ability are quick and accurate across the board in dealing with numbers. ebilities MAS Business Fundamentals samples mental agility in basic numerical problem solving.

Focus on Agility with the English Language

English is spoken around the world and outsourcing of business processes and immigration for employment purposes are major factors in global employment in the 21st century. An individual’s English language ability has a substantial relationship with both career progression and opportunities for travel and further education, and people who are quick to draw on their knowledge have the advantage, as they are the ones who can 'think on their feet' in conversations, presentations and meetings. ebilities MAS Business Fundamentals assesses mental agility in comprehending and reasoning with words.