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Why ebilities

Focus on speed, power and flexibility of thinking

The reality of work in the digital age is that people are under pressure. They have to make sense of a lot more information, deal quickly with competing demands, switch attention often, and get more work done within shorter amounts of time.

That’s brought a person’s speed, power and flexibility of thinking into focus, and is why ebilities MAS tests feature innovative item-based timings. All test questions are completed under time pressure whereby an answer has to be given within a “cut-off” time and a test taker’s response time is recorded so it can be factored into the results.

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New insights into decision making

Everyday employees are also having to make more and more decisions. At all levels of an organisation, there’s no escaping the possibility of an employee costing their company dearly because they are overconfident and get a decision wrong, or because they are underconfident and don’t make a decision at all.

That’s why ebilities has pioneered new insights into how people approach decision making, based on the measurement of their cognitive confidence and the identification of their Ability Confidence Type.

Designed for use in any market

Organisations increasingly need to test across borders to find the right talent. They need to know that the tests they use are designed for fair and valid comparisons of test takers from any cultural and language background.

From the ground up, ebilities tests were designed and developed to meet the requirement for culture fair global delivery, so organisations can use a standard set of tests worldwide to identify and select their agile workforce.

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Leading the field in smartphone delivery of timed ability tests

21st century assessment is all about having valid, short, sharp tests that can be taken on any type of internet connected device. It’s a fact that in many countries smartphone ownership outstrips computer ownership by a wide margin. So assessing test takers on their own phone is a necessity – not a luxury!

ebilities leads the field in the design of ability tests for smartphones and mobile devices, so that you can reach test takers no matter where they are located and what device they are using.

Breakthrough ‘real time’ analysis of unsupervised test sessions

Test takers have an expectation that their assessments will be accessible when they want, where they want. This creates a requirement for easy access, but also for close scrutiny of their unsupervised test activity, as a strategy to deter and detect cheating.

ebilities is a world leader in the sophisticated ‘real time’ analysis of test taker behavior to identify non-compliant test taker actions that may invalidate test results.

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