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Among the challenges in delivering professional care services is attracting, and retaining, the right people for your organisation who can deliver quality and consistency of care safely and within budget.

Values based recruitment holds the key - try it for yourself first. Simply complete the questionnaire and we will send you a sample of your Frontline Care Worker Values report.

Values based recruitment can contribute significantly to the successful operation of a professional domiciliary care provider. It does this by;

  • Identifying the values of effective employees
  • Benchmarking these values to help you to recruitment similar staff
  • Allowing you to hire non-traditional care staff with confidence
  • Helping you to understand how to retain effective employees
  • Reducing the costs of recruitment and retention
  • Improving staff development and the return on investment of training

Using values base recruitment has been independently assessed by Skills for Care, which found that:

  • The total cost of recruitment fell by on average 22.8%
  • 72% of employers reported that staff employed and supported using ’values-based’ approach perform better
  • 62% agreed that staff recruited for values have lower rates of sickness and absence
  • Staff turnover dropped by 6.4% for employers who recruited for values
  • The estimated ROI on every £1 invested in a values-based approach is £1.23

"I genuinely believe we have better information now than we did previously, with better recruitment decisions made as a result,” Phil Orton, Head of People at CLS Care Services.

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