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Date:September 27, 2016

Martin Cheeseman OBE

Martin Cheeseman OBE, Former Director of Housing and Community Care, London Borough of Brent

“I have lost count of the times I have completed a personality profiling assessment as part of a recruitment procedure, only for it to disappear without trace. So, my initial reaction to another personality profiling tool was – here we go again. However, having tested it out for myself, I believe Profiles4Care offers a very timely and unique approach.

“As an Employer who has worked across all aspects of housing, health and social care I am experienced in interpreting the abilities and skills of a potential employee, but what I believe is far more difficult to discover is the core behaviours and values, which are innate in all of us and so often affect the way we interact with others.

The Profiles4Care on-line assessment took me less than 8 minutes to complete and I could validate and rate an outline report there and then. When I read the detailed report, which the employer would have received, I was impressed at how accurate it was about me.

“I thought the interpretations of the report and the guidance given in support of how to use the report as part of a structured interview were extremely useful, particularly for those of us who are not experienced interviewers and for people using self directed support.

“All of us are only too aware that the public has lost confidence in those of us who commission, manage and deliver front-line health and social care services. I am now firmly of the view that recruiting the right people from the outset will make a difference for everyone involved. The advantage of the Profiles4Care system is that the same assessment can be used by staff at all levels from the CEO to the care assistant.

“Changing the culture of an organisation takes leadership and team-work and a ‘tool box’ of support and an easy to use, cost effective personality profiling solution is a valuable tool in that box.”