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Date:September 06, 2016

Branching Out UK

Susan Wiggins, General Manager

“From using Profiles4Care we have more openness and willingness to understand and help each other within our staff team. Individuals within the team understand each other’s strengths and weakness and work hard to use this to help meeting the needs of the people we support. We have recently revisited our values and expanded them using the Skills for Care toolkit to include work-based values. These have been displayed in all our premises and embedded into our supervision processes and recruitment procedures.

The quality of the service we provide to the people we support is more consistent, better quality, with staff taking pride in their work.

“We use profiling on all current staff as well as new recruits. This clarifies the needs of the people we support and who can naturally meet those needs and identifying ways for staff to openly discuss tactics other people use. It builds a level of support and trust within the team. With new recruits we use the reports to have open conversations with them to help them to develop and overcome hurdles. We also explore areas within the interview questions highlighted by the profiling. We find there is a marked reduction of management time required by the team and an ability to plan, organise, and self-motivate.”We have embedded our values in the whole recruitment process from advertisements to individual supervisions, reminding everyone of the importance of the organisations values and the need to demonstrate working towards them. The team understand and implement the Branching out values and enjoy working together which creates a fun place not only for staff but also for the people we support.”