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Finding and keeping workers

Every day while we’re speaking to people who contact us to use our values based recruitment tool we regularly hear that they are; “in the proces
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The Carers of the Future

An interesting statistic which bodes well for the care industry came up recently when we asked the student and trainee applicants for this year WorldS
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Great leaders are born that way

After reading the recent Guardian article on ‘Where are social care’s future leaders?’ we thought it worth adding in a point about the importanc
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Recruiter Magazine – Social Care in Crisis

Great article in this month’s Recruiter Magazine on the challenges facing the industry right now. Interesting, and pleased, that personality pro
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Hired Any Short Tall People Lately?

Identifying Your Ideal Employee If you were to create the specification for an ideal employee. What would this person look like; what is it that would
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You May Hire On Skill But You Will Fire On Attitude

Here is an exercise you could consider doing at workshops. Think of any job role you like. Now make a list of words you would use to describe someone
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Recruiting social care workers with the right values – The Guardian

As Camilla Cavendish noted in her review of practice among healthcare assistants and care support workers published last week: “To get the right quali
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