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When to Assess Values in the Recruitment Process

One question we are asked regularly by people considering values based recruitment for the first time is when to use the Profiles4Care profiling tool
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Social care heading for skills ‘time bomb’

Recruiter Magazine Reports on Worrying Industry Trend The social care industry is heading for both a budgetary, as well as a skills, shortage if it fa
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The size and structure of the adult social care sector

The latest workforce intelligence from Skills for Care, using data from the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) is presented in an upd
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Benchmarking ‘values’ for recruitment

If you are a user of the Profiles4Care values-based recruitment tool then you may have noticed an icon like this, which appears next to the names of c
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Identifying values

Employee values and attitude are extremely important in any business where potentially vulnerable people are at the centre of it. So much so that an i
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Finding and keeping workers

Every day while we’re speaking to people who contact us to use our values based recruitment tool we regularly hear that they are; “in the proces
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The Carers of the Future

An interesting statistic which bodes well for the care industry came up recently when we asked the student and trainee applicants for this year WorldS
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Values based recruitment – fad or crucial?

Values based recruitment – is it just a fad or crucial for improving the care sector as so many experts are saying? Obviously we are not in any
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Adult social care sector will need an additional 1m workers by 2025

Update from Jackie Brooks at Care Industry News on an important new research project. The adult Social Care sector in England alone will need an addit
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Recruiter Magazine – Social Care in Crisis

Great article in this month’s Recruiter Magazine on the challenges facing the industry right now. Interesting, and pleased, that personality pro
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